Donald trump Birthday

Donald Trump Birthday Interesting Facts.

Donald Trump birthday

Birthday celebrations of president Donald trump.

42nd birthday of Donald trump he hosts event at casino along with this ,he decorates with smoke and flashing lasers.
In fact ,he hires top magicians and dancers from all around the world according to report.

At USA on his 47th birthday
Banners displayed  in front of people.

Along with some of his real state empires and his casinos in united states of america.

after Fourth seventh   birthday of president Donald trump ,he celebrates his next birthday with ex wife Marla Maples. 
He had very good party.
Besides that  , the attendants of trump birthday he  offers glasses of champagne as well as strawberries.
additionally party had featured large versions his childhood photos.
And one thing of course his cake turns into form of trump himself.

 He dressed like superman standing among all buildings that owns.

Donald trump Birthday
Donald trump Birthday

 On 59th of Donald trump, 
trump held his birthday at casino and blew out 15 foot cake .

Donald trump celebrated his 70th day in India by Hindu fringe group in India.

Party held at jantar mantar of new Delhi along with 15 pound cake.

very next birthday,he gave speech as well as express sympathy for victims and shared a dinner at white house in united states of america

So finally these are some interesting facts of birthdays of Donald trump.

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