Least visited country in the world

5 (Timor)

least visited country

Least visited country in the world

Timor is  Least Visited Country in the World . It is located at the southern end of the maritime tip of Southeast Asia and north of the Timor Sea.The island is divided between the independent nation East Timor and western Timor. It’s  part of the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. 

The island’s landmass is 30777 square kilometers. The word Timor is based on the Malay language word Timur.Which means “east” (direction) in the Malay language. It’s called because it is located at the eastern end of the chain of islands.

4 (Anguilla)

Anguilla is a British overseas territory .It is consider as jewel of Caribbean.This place is surrounded with the beautiful beaches ,colored buildings ,open air bars and strong rum drinks.

The hurricanes impacted nearly 90 present of country government business.There is no doubt that this is indeed beautiful and peaceful country in the world.

3 (Comoros)

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Talking about sea shores in Africa, Comoros stands its ground against any Caribbean or Southeast Asian island-country. Off the shoreline of East Africa, close to Mozambique and Madagascar, Comoros is known for its white-sand sea shores. So for what reason is it so under-visited?

All things considered, its legislative issues  somewhat unsafe in the course of the most recent 40 years. Since it picked up freedom from France during the 1970s, Comoros has experienced around 20 upsets. Today, it is as yet one of the world’s least fortunate nations. Nation comes up short on the foundation expected to help its rising populace.. In any case, it’s totally protected to visit, and a little the travel industry exists.


2 (Solomon Islands)

Between Papua and Vanuatu (no doubt about it way, a long distance) is the archipelago of the Solomon Islands.The previous British province, comprised of 992 islands, 147 of which are occupied.It is a long ways from its created neighbors like Tahiti and Fiji.with unpaved streets and little to nothing in the method of conventional extravagance.



And, finally, we have Montserrat. This is top in least , and indeed it is List  Visited Country in the world.
There was a time when this Caribbean island, a British Overseas Territory, was considered the height of laid-back luxury.Especially after the Beatles’ producer George Martin opened a recording studio there.

But the mid-90s saw hundreds of volcanic eruptions that turned the lower half of Montserrat into an uninhabitable modern-day Pompeii.

The island is still feeling the effects of this natural disaster today. But slowly and surely, tourism is returning, with the majority of tourists coming from neighboring islands to enjoy hiking,wildlife.

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