Degloor City In Nanded Maharashtra


Degloor is also known as deglur ,it is a small town situated in Nanded city.

For those of who don’t know about Nanded yet, I will firstly
share about nanded .
Nanded Is Famous for Holy sikhs Gurudwara infact Millons and millons of
peoples come to gurudwara from all around the globe.
So Long story Short,Nanded is very famous City.
Move On Guys I know You are Here to know about only Degloor city.
Talking about City Tehisl,it has Largest tehsil in Nanded District.

Secondly I would like to tell you about Degloor  is ,it situated near Telangana and maharashtra border.

Degloor City

The above Picture depicts the small river also known as lendy Nadi.

It is small river unlike other river it is famously used for washing cloths.

Now This is DegloorCity BusStop.

Degloor City

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