Lonavala Weather,best place to visit in Pune

Lonavala weather

Lonavala weather ,Best time to visit in this place i will tell all the things.

it  is a town which is situated in pune district in Maharashtra.
Firstly talking about its area it has 64 kilometer of west pune city and 96 kilometer
of east mumbai.
This place is primarily known for famous handmade chikki ,it is sweet kind of product
made from fresh groundnuts and jaggary.

Second most interesting thing about this place is ,it’s weather trust me guys the    weather is chill and cloudy. 

Lonavala weather

To reach this beautiful hill-station  there are number ways you can find like train,car and local pune buses. but I prefer  train over any  transportation system. because i am more comfortable in the trains than car,buses. The weather of lonavala is very similar to other north side hill station places like masuri and kulu manali.

Apart from beautiful weather of lonavala it has nice food culture. my all time favorite and lonavala famous chikki . onion pakoda is also very famous food that is available largely on the street of lonavala.

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