How to make pani puri

How to make pani puri

How to make pani puri , the name itself indicates the crispness of food. This snacks is originated in  India.To make this amazing and delicious snacks just follow the steps.

Firstly to make this pani puri we will make the dough.Now here I have secret to make great dough . Take two glasses of samolina also called sujji and add half glass of all purpose flour also called maida. mix this well .

This  proportion is really important to make puri crispy. secondly put water on gas and boiled at high temperature.

Now add hot water in that dough also add salt as per your taste . make it hard type dough . Put this dough aside to rest . Rest this dough about 30 minutes.

Congrats Your dough is ready ,see how simple it is. Cut this dough into smaller piece . take this small piece of dough and roll into circular shapes.

After having enough circular shape ball ,take this piece and deep fry in hot oil. your puri ready to serve. Frying is main as well as difficult thing while making pani puri, first of all preheat the oil well then put all piece of  dough on it.

after that make the flame on low. thus this will increases the crispiness and crunchiness of puri, you may also add food colour while making a dough to look good. but this is completely optional thing.

Boil four potatoes well , after  boling the potatoes peel of its skin well. crush this potatoes and add salt,red chiili powder , chopped onions and lastly add chat masala.

The next part is to make pani of pani puri , there are mainly two types of pani (flavored water) . spicy & sour (Khatta) and sweet (Mitha ).
lets focus on spicy because people prefer more spicy than sweet.Take a glass of coriander and half glass of mint ,put it mixer jar.In that jar add green chilies and ginger and salt to taste. grind well and add lot of water in it the last thing is add pani puri masala in it .
Hurrey! your Pani puri is ready to serve.

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